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The new Mustang is designed so that you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the driving experience - whether that’s a cruise through the city streets or a road trip to wherever. 

FordPass. Your key to a better journey

The FordPass app is a powerful new way to access a range of Ford services and experiences. It’s also designed to help make life and mobility easier, as well as make journeys more enjoyable.

By downloading the FordPass app, you can be in touch with your vehicle in more advanced ways. From accessing your vehicle’s information to managing its service needs, from helping you find parking to putting you in touch with Roadside Assistance, it’s all on your smartphone.

Another essential feature is Live Traffic. This provides you with real-time traffic information, such as traffic speed, accidents and road closures, as well as alternate route guidance and mapping. And it’s all designed to help you avoid problem areas, making every journey as easy as possible.

Plug into Android Auto

With state-of-the-art SYNC 3, you can make hands-free calls and send text messages from your Android mobile phone, just by using intuitive voice commands. You can access music, podcasts and maps on your Android phone, too. All you have to do is connect it via Android Auto, using a USB and your phone screen will be displayed on the 8” pinch-and-swipe touchscreen

Worry-free car sharing with MyKey

Ford Key® lets you set a pre-selected maximum speed limit, a seatbelt reminder and even the volume of the audio system. The technology is designed to give you peace of mind if you lend your vehicle to a friend or family member, because you can programme the restrictions you want to set for that key. You can keep the unrestricted ‘admin’ key yourself and even have more than one of both if you want.


There are some differences to Mustang that you’ll see straight away. Others you’ll hear, feel and sense, especially with a modified 5.0L V8 engine and a range of innovative new technologies.

Active Valve Exhaust

Take control of the sound your Mustang makes with this new technology. Simply choose Active Valve Exhaust from the menu on the 12” Digital Cluster and you can adjust the intensity of the exhaust note from four different settings: Quiet, Normal, Sport or Race track. With Quiet Mode you can even set up a timer so you know exactly when it’s going to operate.

Serious stopping power

A specially created, high-performance braking system incorporates four-piston front brake calipers and ventilated discs, the performance of which is linked to a series of sophisticated electronic safety and driver assistance technologies. The 5.0-litre V8 GT is equipped with an even higher specification: 6-piston Brembo™ front calipers that bite down on 15" vented rotors.

A smooth and responsive 6-speed manual

Both the 5.0L V8 and 2.3L Ford EcoBoost engines are available with 6-speed manual transmissions. A short 1st gear ratio delivers excellent acceleration from a standstill, whilst an overdrive 6th gear ratio reduces engine rpm at higher speeds to help improve fuel economy. With a smooth and precise gearshift, a short-throw between gears and positive shift stops, the transmission is designed for performance driving.


A magnetically-controlled suspension system, a new 12” customisable digital instrument and information cluster, and advanced driving technologies such as Selectable Driving Modes and Adaptive Cruise Control make every drive in the Mustang an unforgettable experience.

12” Digital Cluster

The 12” LCD instrument cluster is the first all-digital display available on Mustang. Designed to help you get the most from every driving experience, this customisable cluster will deliver information displays optimised to match the selected Drive Mode. The cluster configuration will automatically change depending on Drive Mode, and can be programmed to display a range of gauges in one of seven different colours. Plus, you can even create your own.

Cruise control that can adapt automatically

With Adaptive Cruise Control technology, you choose the speed you want to drive at and the system will maintain it. If the built-in RADAR sensor and the camera detect detects a vehicle ahead, it will slow your vehicle to maintain a pre-set distance. Once the road in front is clear, the system will accelerate to your chosen speed.

Power-assisted steering that responds to every situation

Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts to your speed and the conditions. At low speeds, the system makes wheel turns feel lighter and easier, improving manoeuvrability. At high speeds, when you need greater control, it firms up the steering. Now with drift control, EPAS also takes into account crosswinds and other driving conditions, while active nibble control reduces any unwanted vibration in the steering wheel.


Designed to help protect you, your passengers, pedestrians and your car, Mustang incorporates a range of advanced safety features​.

A system that can help protect pedestrians

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection uses radar and camera technology to scan the road ahead. If a collision risk with a vehicle or pedestrian is detected, it’ll then provide you with a warning. If you don’t respond in time, the system can automatically apply up to full braking force to help reduce the severity of, or even eliminate, some frontal collisions.

Extra security for an extra-special car

A sophisticated Thatcham Category 1 active anti-theft system is designed to help protect your Mustang, warning you if anyone tries to break into your car. It also prevents unwanted towing. And by arming the system in different ways, you can choose to monitor the doors, bonnet and boot.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is designed to give you greater control of your vehicle. Sensors constantly monitor the speed of each individual wheel, as well as the vehicle’s direction and steering angle. ESC precisely balances braking power between each individual wheel and can also reduce power from the engine. This helps counter understeer and oversteer, making your vehicle more stable and easier for you to control. ESC and Traction Control can also reduce the risk of wheelspin in wet or icy conditions



2.3 EcoBoost engine with direct injection and twin-scroll turbocharger. Explore the features & technical specification of this model.

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5.0 V8 GT

5.0-litre V8 quad cam 32 valve engine with induction sound tube. Explore the features & technical specification of this model.

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1968 Mustang GT Fastrack hit the silver screen in the movie 'BULLITT'. Today it is back with a different look but the same DNA.

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