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Ford Transit Chassis Single Cab

From £30,350 exc. VAT

Key Features

  • 7000 kg MAX GTM
  • Mild Hybrid Options
  • 5000 kg MAX GVM
  • 5-Tonne Model Available
  • 170 PS MAX POWER
  • Robust ladder-frame Chassis
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  • Flat-beds, tippers, refrigerated vans, or almost anything else… There’s a reason the Transit Chassis Cab is the choice of vehicle for a van conversion.

    The single row of the Transit Chassis Single Cab maximises the space available to carry goods.  From the L2 (medium wheelbase) to the L5 (extra-long wheelbase), every Transit Chassis Single Cab derivative is built with a robust ladder-frame chassis.


  • And with a new 5-Tonne model available, you have a flat, strong base on which to build your perfect vehicle, however you like, with up to 2,960 kg of payload.

    Tough, reliable and versatile. The Transit Chassis Single Cab is purpose-built to meet the unique demands of your business.

  • Extra Strength with 5-Tonne

    The new 5-Tonne GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) variant brings the greatest payload capacity ever to the Transit Chassis Cab, letting you efficiently carry a payload of 2,960kg.

    This extra strength makes the 5-tonne an ideal candidate for heavy conversions.  And with all current Chassis cab wheelbase available (L3, L4, L5), it delivers the ultimate versatility for whatever you need.

    Tougher than ever.   This new, ultra-strong Transit is ready to work.

  • Confidence in Changeable Conditions

    Icy winter roads, muddy access track - whatever your business takes you, All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) give you the confidence to go there.  Intelligent AWD is a torque demand system delivering surefooted progress over challenging surfaces.  At the touch of a button or in response to driving conditions.  AWD keeps you and your cargo squarely on the road.  And for a weight gain of just - 60kg, you get added versatility without sacrificing payload.

  • Ford EcoBlue Engine

    With a range of advanced Hybrid or Diesel powertrains, the Transit Chassis Single Cab is more powerful and more efficient than ever.  With four powertrains available, offering up to 170PS max horsepower and 415Nm of torque.  For the first time, you can choose EcoBlue Hybrid powertrain, helping you to maximise efficiency.   The Transit Chassis Sigle Cab is also available with a 130Ps or 170Ps heavy-duty engine.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

    Set your own pace with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control. The system can identify the prevailing speed limit and automatically maintain your speed within the limit detected. Advanced radar technology scans for slower traffic in front of you, and can automatically adjust your speed to maintain a preset gap from the vehicle ahead. When the traffic has cleared, your Transit Chassis Single Cab will resume its re-selected speed. (Option requires SYNC 3 with Navigation.)

  • Miximum Corner Control

    Torque Vectoring Control reacts to the road surface 100 times per second.  (That's 33 times faster than the blink of an eye.)  Using this information, it balances the amount of power delivered to each of the two front wheels of your Transit Chassis Cab Single Cab.  This maximises grip and sharpens handling, helping you round corners and over undulations in the road.

  • Side Wind Stabilising

    The Ford Transit Chassis Singel Cab helps the driver stay in lane in strong gusty conditions by using the Electronic Stability Control system.  The system senses with the van is being affected by crosswinds and help stabilise it.

  • Transit Conversions

    The Ford Transit Chassis Single Cab is renowned for its versatility and flexibility.  Available in five optional Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) variants, it is the ideal platform for a wide range of bespoke conversions.   The new 5-tonne model increases the maximum payload capacity to 2960kg, ideal for making heavy conversions making short work of any job.

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