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Ford Video Health Check

Ford Video Health Check

Enjoy an expert’s eye view of your vehicle with our Ford Video Check††, available with any Service and Repair work. The visual report, sent straight to your phone, covers 30 different aspects of your vehicle’s health, so you can see any issues first hand. And while you’ll receive a competitive quote for any work needed, you’re under no obligation to get it done.

You’ll also receive an electronic report with a simple traffic light system, showing you exactly how healthy your vehicle really is:

Amber items

  • An amber lets you know there’s something wrong. Although it might not need sorting right now, it could save you time and money in the long run. 

Red items

  • A red item means your vehicle needs urgent attention. In fact, it’s probably either illegal or unsafe to drive it in this condition and requires immediate repair. 

Green items

  • Green means all good. You don’t need to worry about any green items at least until your next service.